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Customer Reviews


"From the moment I first touched ZARI Beauty hair, I have been in love. I just knew this hair was too good to be true so I had doubts about it keeping that soft feel. During the first month there was little maintenance needed, I spent many nights going to sleep without tying it down with a scarf and it remained soft and silky. After 4 months of washing it every week I removed my extensions and they were still in great shape. The second time I had it sewed in I wore it for an additional 2 months and it became more natural looking every week after washing it. I highly recommend ZARI Beauty!!"

- Marita W.


I have had the hair for about a week now and I LOVE it! It has minimal shedding if any, and is soft and does not tangle. I have a 22, 20 and 18. The bundles are pretty thick too, I barely got to use my 3rd bundle. Definitely worth it! I will be coming back for more!

- B.K

This is the best hair I've ever worn. I receive compliments every single day. The bundles are nice and thick and the texture blends well with my natural hair. I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now and have not had any issues with tangling or shedding. I love this hair!

- K.J.

Wanted to share a photo of the ZARI Beauty hair that I started wearing 7 months ago. Still in great shape. My hairstylist colored the extensions yesterday and she loves the hair!Natural Straight after 7 months

- R.W

My stylist colored this hair and was impressed with the quality and how well it took the color. The curls loosened a little bit but it still looks great. I love the fullness and texture and will purchase again.

- E.L

Loving my hair by you guys! Get NOTHING but compliments! Thank you guys so much!

- P.M

Get this hair. My cousin told me about Zari and I bought 3 bundles. It is so soft I keep running my fingers through it. No grays or odor. The best quality hair I have ever worn.

- L.P


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